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NDoc::Documenter::NativeHtmlHelp2::Engine::HtmlFactory Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The Html factory orchestrates the transformation of the NDoc Xml into the set of Html files that will be compiled into the help project.

Definition at line 44 of file HtmlFactory.cs.

Public Member Functions

 HtmlFactory (string tempFileName, string outputDirectory, ExternalHtmlProvider htmlProvider, NativeHtmlHelp2Config config)
 Constructs a new instance of HtmlFactory.
void LoadStylesheets (string extensibiltyStylesheet)
 loads and compiles all the stylesheets
void MakeHtml ()
 Generates HTML for the NDoc XML.
void SetNamespaceMap (string path)
 Sets the custom namespace map to use while constructing XLinks.

Public Attributes

readonly XsltArgumentList Arguments
 Xslt arguments passed to each transformation context.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void OnAddFileToTopic (string fileName)
 Raises the AddFileToTopic event.
virtual void OnTopicEnd ()
 Raises the TopicEnd event.
virtual void OnTopicStart (string fileName)
 Raises the TopicStart event.


TopicEventHandler AddFileToTopic
 Event raised when a file is being added to a topic.
EventHandler TopicEnd
 Event raises when a topic is closed.
TopicEventHandler TopicStart
 Event raised when a topic is started.

Private Member Functions

void AddDocSet (XmlWriter writer, string id)
XPathDocument GetDocumenterSpecificXmlData (NativeHtmlHelp2Config config)
void GetNamespacesFromAssembly (string assemblyName, System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection namespaceAssemblies)
void MakeHtmlForConstructors (XmlNode typeNode)
void MakeHtmlForEnumerationOrDelegate (XmlNode typeNode)
void MakeHtmlForEvents (XmlNode typeNode)
void MakeHtmlForFields (XmlNode typeNode)
void MakeHtmlForInterfaceOrClassOrStructure (XmlNode typeNode)
void MakeHtmlForMethods (XmlNode typeNode)
void MakeHtmlForNamespace (string assemblyName, string namespaceName)
void MakeHtmlForOperators (XmlNode typeNode)
void MakeHtmlForProperties (XmlNode typeNode)
void MakeHtmlForTypes (string namespaceName)
void TransformAndWriteResult (string transformName, string fileName)

Static Private Member Functions

static int[] SortNodesByAttribute (XmlNodeList nodes, string attributeName)

Private Attributes

ExternalHtmlProvider _htmlProvider
string _outputDirectory
StyleSheetCollection _stylesheets
MsdnXsltUtilities _utilities
ArrayList documentedNamespaces
FileNameMapper fileNameMapper
NamespaceMapper nsMapper
XmlDocument xmlDocumentation
XPathDocument xPathDocumentation

Static Private Attributes

static readonly UTF8Encoding encoding = new UTF8Encoding( false )


class  FilteringXmlTextReader
 This custom reader is used to load the XmlDocument. It removes elements that are not required *before* they are loaded into memory, and hence lowers memory requirements significantly. More...

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