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NDoc::Documenter::Msdn::MsdnDocumenterConfig::MsdnDocumenterConfig ( string  name  )  [inline, protected]

Constructor used by derived classes.

name The name of the derived class config

Definition at line 50 of file MsdnDocumenterConfig.cs.

                                                        : base(name)
                  htmlHelpName = "Documentation";

                  _Title = "An NDoc Documented Class Library";

                  _BinaryTOC = true;

                  _ShowVisualBasic = false;
                  _OutputTarget = OutputType.HtmlHelpAndWeb;

                  _RootPageContainsNamespaces = false;

                  _HeaderHtml = string.Empty;
                  _FooterHtml = string.Empty;
                  _FilesToInclude = string.Empty;


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