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NDoc::Documenter::Msdn2::Msdn2Documenter Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for NDoc::Documenter::Msdn2::Msdn2Documenter:

NDoc::Core::Reflection::BaseReflectionDocumenter NDoc::Core::BaseDocumenter NDoc::Core::IDocumenter

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Detailed Description

The MsdnDocumenter class.

Definition at line 37 of file Msdn2Documenter.cs.

Public Member Functions

override void Build (Project project)
 See IDocumenter.
virtual string CanBuild (Project project)
 See IDocumenter.CanBuild.
override string CanBuild (Project project, bool checkInputOnly)
 See IDocumenter.
override void Clear ()
 See IDocumenter.
int CompareTo (object obj)
 Compares the currrent document to another documenter.
 Msdn2Documenter ()
 Initializes a new instance of the Msdn2Documenter class.
virtual void View ()
 See IDocumenter.View.

Protected Member Functions

string MakeXml (Project project)
 Returns reflected metadata combined with the /doc comments.
void MakeXmlFile (Project project, string fileName)
 Writes reflected metadata combined with the /doc comments to the specified file.
void OnDocBuildingProgress (int progress)
 Raises the DocBuildingProgress event.
void OnDocBuildingStep (int step, string label)
 Raises the DocBuildingStep event.


IDocumenterConfig Config [get, set]
 See IDocumenter.Config.
DevelopmentStatus [get]
 See IDocumenter.
override string MainOutputFile [get]
 See IDocumenter.
Msdn2DocumenterConfig MyConfig [get]
string Name [get]
 Gets the display name of this documenter.


DocBuildingEventHandler DocBuildingProgress
 See IDocumenter.DocBuildingProgress.
DocBuildingEventHandler DocBuildingStep
 See IDocumenter.DocBuildingStep.

Private Types

enum  WhichType {
  Class, Interface, Structure, Enumeration,
  Delegate, Unknown, Class, Interface,
  Structure, Enumeration, Delegate, Unknown

Private Member Functions

string GetFilenameForConstructor (XmlNode constructorNode)
string GetFilenameForConstructors (XmlNode typeNode)
string GetFilenameForEvent (XmlNode eventNode)
string GetFilenameForEvents (WhichType whichType, XmlNode typeNode)
string GetFilenameForField (XmlNode fieldNode)
string GetFilenameForFields (WhichType whichType, XmlNode typeNode)
string GetFilenameForMethod (XmlNode methodNode)
string GetFilenameForMethodOverloads (XmlNode typeNode, XmlNode methodNode)
string GetFilenameForMethods (WhichType whichType, XmlNode typeNode)
string GetFilenameForNamespace (string namespaceName)
string GetFilenameForOperator (XmlNode operatorNode)
string GetFilenameForOperators (WhichType whichType, XmlNode typeNode)
string GetFilenameForOperatorsOverloads (XmlNode typeNode, XmlNode opNode)
string GetFilenameForProperties (WhichType whichType, XmlNode typeNode)
string GetFilenameForProperty (XmlNode propertyNode)
string GetFilenameForPropertyOverloads (XmlNode typeNode, XmlNode propertyNode)
string GetFilenameForType (XmlNode typeNode)
string GetFilenameForTypeHierarchy (XmlNode typeNode)
string GetFilenameForTypeMembers (XmlNode typeNode)
void GetNamespacesFromAssembly (string assemblyName, System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection namespaceAssemblies)
string GetNextMethodName (XmlNodeList methodNodes, int[] indexes, int index)
string GetOperatorName (XmlNode operatorNode)
string GetParamList (XmlNodeList parameterNodes)
string GetPreviousMethodName (XmlNodeList methodNodes, int[] indexes, int index)
WhichType GetWhichType (XmlNode typeNode)
bool IsMethodAlone (XmlNodeList methodNodes, int[] indexes, int index)
bool IsMethodFirstOverload (XmlNodeList methodNodes, int[] indexes, int index)
bool IsMethodLastOverload (XmlNodeList methodNodes, int[] indexes, int index)
void MakeFilenames ()
void MakeHtmlForAssemblies ()
void MakeHtmlForAssembliesSorted ()
void MakeHtmlForConstructors (WhichType whichType, XmlNode typeNode)
void MakeHtmlForEnumerationOrDelegate (WhichType whichType, XmlNode typeNode)
void MakeHtmlForEvents (WhichType whichType, XmlNode typeNode)
void MakeHtmlForFields (WhichType whichType, XmlNode typeNode)
void MakeHtmlForInterfaceOrClassOrStructure (WhichType whichType, XmlNode typeNode)
void MakeHtmlForMethods (WhichType whichType, XmlNode typeNode)
void MakeHtmlForNamespace (string assemblyName, string namespaceName)
void MakeHtmlForNamespaces (string assemblyName)
void MakeHtmlForOperators (WhichType whichType, XmlNode typeNode)
void MakeHtmlForProperties (WhichType whichType, XmlNode typeNode)
void MakeHtmlForTypes (string namespaceName)
int[] SortNodesByAttribute (XmlNodeList nodes, string attributeName)
string StripNamespace (string name)
void TransformAndWriteResult (string transformName, XsltArgumentList arguments, string filename)

Private Attributes

Encoding currentFileEncoding
ArrayList documentedNamespaces
StringDictionary elemNames
StringDictionary fileNames
HtmlHelp htmlHelp
Hashtable lowerCaseTypeNames
Hashtable mixedCaseTypeNames
StyleSheetCollection stylesheets
MsdnXsltUtilities utilities
Workspace workspace
XmlDocument xmlDocumentation
XPathDocument xpathDocument


class  FilteringXmlTextReader
 This custom reader is used to load the XmlDocument. It removes elements that are not required *before* they are loaded into memory, and hence lowers memory requirements significantly. More...

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