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virtual string NDoc::Core::BaseDocumenterConfig::HandleUnknownPropertyValue ( PropertyInfo  property,
string  value 
) [inline, protected, virtual, inherited]

When overridden in a derived class, handles a unknown or invalid property value read by Read.

property A valid Property name.
value A string representation of the desired property value.
A string containing any messages generated by the handler.

As implemented in this class, an error message is returned which details the property name, type and the invalid value. <note type="inheritinfo">

If a handler can translate the unknown value, it can call the protected method ReadProperty to process to translated name/value.


Definition at line 328 of file BaseDocumenterConfig.cs.

                  // we cannot handle this, so return an error message
                  return String.Format("     Property '{0}' has an invalid value for type {1} ('{2}') \n", property.Name, property.PropertyType.ToString() ,value);

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