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NDoc::Core::BaseDocumenterConfig Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for NDoc::Core::BaseDocumenterConfig:

NDoc::Core::IDocumenterConfig NDoc::Core::Reflection::BaseReflectionDocumenterConfig NDoc::Documenter::Intellisense::IntellisenseDocumenterConfig NDoc::Documenter::JavaDoc::JavaDocDocumenterConfig NDoc::Documenter::Latex::LatexDocumenterConfig NDoc::Documenter::LinearHtml::LinearHtmlDocumenterConfig NDoc::Documenter::Msdn2::Msdn2DocumenterConfig NDoc::Documenter::Msdn::MsdnDocumenterConfig NDoc::Documenter::NativeHtmlHelp2::NativeHtmlHelp2Config NDoc::Documenter::Xml::XmlDocumenterConfig

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Detailed Description

Provides an abstract base class for documenter configurations.

This is a base class for NDoc Documenter Configs. It implements all the methods required by the IDocumenterConfig interface. It also provides some basic properties which are shared by all configs.

Definition at line 36 of file BaseDocumenterConfig.cs.

Public Member Functions

IEnumerable GetProperties ()
 Gets an enumerable list of PropertyInfo objects representing the properties of this config.
void Read (XmlReader reader)
 Loads config details from the specified XmlReader.
void SetProject (Project project)
 Associates this config with a Project.
void SetValue (string name, string value)
 Sets the value of a named config property.
void Write (XmlWriter writer)
 Writes the current state of the config to the specified XmlWriter.

Protected Member Functions

 BaseDocumenterConfig (string name)
 Initializes a new instance of the BaseDocumenterConfig class.
virtual string HandleUnknownPropertyType (string name, string value)
 When overridden in a derived class, handles a property found by Read which does not correspond to any property in the config object.
virtual string HandleUnknownPropertyValue (PropertyInfo property, string value)
 When overridden in a derived class, handles a unknown or invalid property value read by Read.
string ReadProperty (string name, string value)
 Sets the value of a named property.
void SetDirty ()
 Sets the NDoc.Core.Project.IsDirty property on the Project.


bool CleanIntermediates [get, set]
 Gets or sets a value indicating whether to delete intermediate files after a successful build.
string Name [get]
 Gets the display name of the documenter.
Project Project [get]
 Gets the Project that this config is associated with, if any.
string UseNDocXmlFile [get, set]
 Gets or sets a value indicating whether to use the specified XML file as input instead of reflecting the list of assemblies specified on the project.

Private Attributes

bool _CleanIntermediates = false
string _Name
Project _Project
string _UseNDocXmlFile = string.Empty

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